As you can see, I tend to make my sculptures in series.  There are two techniques I use to make these; series 3,4 and 5 are made by flat stacking of glass sheets with inclusions of pre-fused (fired) pieces.  Series 1,2 and 6 are made by first making the shape out of clay, making a plaster mould around the clay, removing the clay, putting the glass pieces in the recess of the mould and then firing the glass.  Magic happens in the kiln when the glass melts together.  I love the fact that I can't completely control the final design.  It's always with excited anticipation that I open the kiln to see what happened during the firing.  With both these techniques, I do many, hours of hand grinding and polishing.  Sometimes I use my sandblaster for a frosted effect if it think it's called for.